A New Career Path: Why AWS is the Right Choice for You

Are you interested in building your career within the exciting field of information technology, but you don’t know how to start? If so, then Amazon Web Services (AWS) may be the right choice for you! This article will explain why.

 Reasons To Consider An AWS Career

AWS creates a positive impact on organizations from all over, in every industry around. It also helps create a better and more secure way of life.

  1. The opportunities with Amazon Web Services are endless, especially when you combine them with other cloud solutions such as Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform.
  2. Our services and support teams are always happy to answer your questions to help you choose the right solutions for your organization or business needs.
  3. With our experienced professional staff and management team, you can be sure that we have your best interest at heart no matter what solution or service you choose, because at AWS our customer service doesn’t stop at implementation!
  4. We provide flexible work hours so you can balance your personal and professional life without having to sacrifice one for another.
  5. AWS has been named by Forbes Magazine as one of America’s Best Employers, which means we’re doing something right.

Work In Multiple Industries And Gain Different Experience

Once you know what kind of developer you want to be, it’s time to look at jobs. The best developers work on multiple kinds of projects, with different groups, in different environments. Whether you want a job that will give you hands-on experience developing apps or a position in an R&D environment, working in multiple industries and gaining different experience is essential. As we discussed earlier in Chapter 1, some jobs are highly specialized and require specific expertise. In these cases, particularly if your goal is a specialized position or career trajectory (e.g., machine learning expert), then pick one industry to focus on and stick with it until you have enough experience to land that dream job.

The Biggest Companies Are Moving Their Data To The Cloud

Cloud adoption has been steadily increasing, with 80% of companies indicating that they now use cloud computing to support their businesses. That number will only continue to rise as more businesses realize that cloud services offer not only a quicker and easier way to build and deploy apps, but also big cost savings. When you look at all the big brands turning towards cloud computing, it’s easy to see why so many are making a shift. Amazon Web Services (AWS) leads in public cloud revenue by a wide margin  $4 billion larger than Microsoft Azure, who comes in second place  with revenues growing 48% year over year in Q2 2016 alone.

A lot of companies hire internally and promote from within

If you’re looking to move into a different role or explore new opportunities within your company, chances are that you can apply directly from within. This ensures that you don’t miss out on valuable experience, and while it may be easier than a full-fledged job search, there are still some things to consider before taking a position at another business. What kind of benefits will your new employer offer? Will you receive training in addition to what you already know? How long do they plan on keeping you around? When considering an internal move, make sure to ask all of these questions and don’t forget to consider how much control you want over your own career path!

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