10 Awesome Things You Can Do with AWS WorkSpace

AWS WorkSpace provides access to a virtual desktop that you can use on your PC, Mac, iOS device, or Android device and save to the cloud. AWS WorkSpace has many awesome features that allow you to use applications from the cloud, such as Box and Salesforce, and it enables you to work with documents from any location. This article will explain 10 awesome things you can do with AWS WorkSpace.

1) Create a virtual desktop

AWS WorkSpaces is a service that lets you provision and manage virtual desktop environments hosted in AWS. This makes it possible to create, use, and delete desktop environments without having to worry about infrastructure or maintenance. AWS WorkSpaces also supports a number of different operating systems including Windows 10, Ubuntu, macOS High Sierra and Chrome OS allowing you to select whichever environment best suits your needs. At $35 per month for each user (up to 50 users), AWS might seem like an expensive solution at first glance.

2) Automate your daily tasks

One of AWS’ most handy services is AWS WorkSpaces, which provides you with a virtual workstation through which you can connect to your cloud based applications. The best part about AWS WorkSpaces is that you can use them for free (for up to 10 hours per month) if you qualify for AWS’s Free Tier; otherwise, it costs just $3 per month.

3) Share files/folders

Share files and folders with your teammates by storing them in AWS Cloud Drive and accessing them through AWS WorkSpace. At any time, anyone can access all of your content through a single URL, so you never have to worry about which of your coworkers has a file or if they’ve made changes to it.

4) Organize your day better

With mobile devices and tablets connecting to Wi-Fi being used everywhere, more and more users are signing on to VPNs and putting their data at risk. If you’re looking for a way to stay productive while working remotely without relying on public Wi-Fi networks, set up your own VPN using Amazon Web Services (AWS). Doing so not only secures your connections but also enables you to access an array of services that make business and personal tasks easier.

5) Collaborate remotely

It can be incredibly difficult to collaborate on code, documents and projects when your team is spread out across multiple offices. And it’s even harder if you can’t simply walk over to a co-worker’s desk or ask for their opinion via email. With AWS WorkSpaces, you can easily set up a virtual workspace that lets any member of your team access and edit files right from their desktop, no matter where they are.

6) Manage your passwords

Identity and access management or IAM, as it’s often called is a big deal in IT. It starts with authentication (the process of proving your identity), then moves on to authorization (what you’re allowed to do once you are authenticated). The most common example is when someone logs into a bank or government website: When they enter their username and password, that system checks an online directory to make sure that their login credentials are valid.

7) Access your home PC while traveling

If you’re traveling and have some work to get done, you can set up a temporary Windows desktop from anywhere. It is particularly useful if you don’t have access to your files while on vacation or out of town. With AWS Workspace, IT administrators can provide their users anytime/anywhere access to Windows applications and desktops, securely accessing a corporate Windows desktop (either physical or virtual) as if they were in front of it.

8) Run web-based software on the go

If you regularly use desktop software at home or at work, an easy way to take it on the go is by using a remote connection. For example, if you need to use Microsoft Office or Autodesk AutoCAD for work and don’t want to lug your laptop around, set up your Amazon WorkSpaces and connect remotely from anywhere using any Internet-connected device. The process is simple: just sign in using your normal credentials and then get down to business.

9) Build websites and mobile apps anywhere, anytime

Whether you’re in an airport or on a mountaintop, with AWS WorkSpaces and Amazon AppStream 2.0, you can build websites and mobile apps almost anywhere, anytime. With Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier, access your data wherever you are as well.

10) Use WorkSpaces to test new tools/services

Have you ever wanted to try out a new tool or service, but didn’t want to go through all of that annoying but necessary process of setting up your own server? With WorkSpaces, you can quickly spin up a cloud computer to test something without worrying about losing data or breaking something. Or, if you want to get your feet wet with Linux before diving in headfirst, create a virtual workstation using Ubuntu for testing.

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