The Top 5 AWS Jobs for Freelancers

Are you in the market for a new job as an AWS Developer? Then there’s good news! Due to the high demand and fast growth of the cloud computing industry, it’s easier than ever to find jobs in this field, even if you’re just starting out or are an independent worker. So if you’re interested in getting paid to work with AWS, here are five of the best job opportunities that you can apply to right now, no matter where you live or what level of experience you have.

1) AWS Architect

The AWS architect’s job is to build and maintain application architectures that are based on AWS services. This means they must be highly skilled in cloud computing technologies like security, virtualization, and management. Because it requires a strong knowledge of computer science fundamentals, an AWS architect will typically need a bachelor’s degree or higher in computer science or software engineering. These types of professionals typically earn $90K/year or more depending on experience and credentials. To become one, you can take AWS courses here . You may also want to consider AWS training from Amazon directly.

2) Solutions Architect

The Solutions Architect’s job is to design and deploy AWS based infrastructures that can scale to meet a company’s changing needs. This role requires someone who understands not only how Amazon Web Services works, but also how their client’s businesses work.

Solutions Architects must have strong communications skills specifically, they need to be able to explain complicated problems in simple terms and then make suggestions based on those explanations. They should be detail oriented, organized and methodical. In addition to these soft skills, it helps if they are familiar with AWS products such as S3 or EC2.

3) Security Engineer

If you are a wiz at security and know your way around AWS, becoming a security engineer is an excellent long-term bet. The pay can be lucrative, but if you don’t have security expertise, it’s a steep learning curve. You’ll need to become familiar with all of AWS’ tools and how they work together.

AWS also requires a security clearance from U.S. government agencies such as the FBI or Department of Defense (DoD). AWS requires that its employees go through background checks and sign non disclosure agreements before starting their jobs.

4) DevOps Engineer

DevOps is an ever expanding field, which means there’s a lot of room to grow in an AWS job. As a DevOps engineer, you’ll need to understand cloud computing and be able to utilize APIs, AWS CloudFormation, Lambda functions, and other powerful tools that are increasingly popular with developers.

In addition, you’ll have to have a keen understanding of security best practices and how they apply to AWS environments. Finally, it goes without saying that being able to communicate effectively is crucial for any DevOps role; after all, if your team can’t understand what you mean when you say automate everything!

5) Support Engineer

If you have a technical degree and an interest in distributed computing, cloud computing, or programming languages, then AWS might be a good match. The company hires employees with all levels of experience. If you’re willing to learn on your feet and aren’t afraid of technology, then their support engineer position could be a great fit.

You’ll help customers troubleshoot issues that arise when they use AWS products. This is a great entry level job for those who want to get into cloud computing but don’t yet have many years of experience under their belt. If you’re hired, you’ll need to pass AWS exams in order to maintain your support engineer status. The pay and benefits are comparable with other IT jobs in Seattle, Washington where Amazon has its headquarters.

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