Top 10 Reasons to Choose AWS Cloud Computing

If you’re looking to start using cloud computing, one of the big factors to consider will be your choice of cloud service provider (CSP). AWS cloud computing has earned its reputation as the industry leader in reliable, flexible, and cost-effective cloud computing solutions. Here are 10 reasons why AWS should be your number one choice.

1) Security of Data

AWS cloud computing services offer high levels of data protection, encrypting all data both in transit and at rest, via AWS Key Management Service (KMS) encryption. With KMS, you control your own encryption keys, so you can share access with other AWS accounts without risking unauthorized use or disclosure of your data. Because AWS only stores encrypted objects (and not unencrypted instances or disks), even if someone steals an instance they cannot access any customer data.

2) Adaptability

If you have your own business and are thinking of moving from a local server to cloud computing, then you’ll need an adaptable program that works with multiple operating systems. AWS cloud computing offers a simple, reliable way for companies to focus on their business instead of IT tasks. They also offer tailored plans for small or large businesses.

3) Simplicity

Let’s face it: The thought of managing your own server can be pretty intimidating. When you use AWS, however, you don’t have to worry about building or maintaining infrastructure. With cloud computing and AWS in particular, all you need is an internet connection you don’t even need any IT staff! You can also easily scale capacity up or down as needed.

4) Durability

AWS’s durability, combined with their backup and security, gives you protection against catastrophic data loss. You don’t have to worry about keeping a human backup on hand: AWS will take care of it for you. Their failover services ensure that your data will be available whenever you need it, no matter what happens. If a major storm takes out one of their centers or there is an earthquake or flood, AWS has a solid plan in place so that everything can be up and running again quickly.

5) Long-Term Savings

Cloud computing can be a great way to trim IT costs long-term. When you run your own data center, there are lots of little expenses that add up over time like power and cooling bills. AWS cloud hosting services remove these additional costs by taking advantage of economies of scale, which allows you to save as much as 50% on AWS cloud computing services. 

6) Scalability

The top cloud computing vendors offer scalability in two ways: by offering resources that can be added or subtracted with ease (such as Google App Engine and Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud) and by providing on-demand infrastructure, which means adding resources in response to surges in demand (such as Amazon’s Elastic Block Store). No matter which of these options you choose, you can get more computing power when you need it.

7) Speed of Delivery

Amazon Web Services (AWS) can be up and running in hours, not weeks. No complex hardware or software is required on your part; AWS does all of that for you. On top of that, you pay only for what you use, no additional costs and no surprises. AWS offers a range of services, including compute power, storage space, content delivery networks (CDNs), database management systems (DBMSs), application servers, load balancers and more. AWS also provides managed services such as monitoring and backup for an extra fee. With AWS cloud computing solutions, you don’t have to worry about scaling capacity either because AWS handles that too and it’s fast!

8) Professionalism

There’s a good chance you’re already working with professionals who may not be aware of AWS. Your knowledge could help them succeed and give your company a competitive edge in recruiting top talent. It also demonstrates your commitment to staying on top of new trends, rather than sticking with tried and true methods that don’t offer growth potential. By demonstrating your professional curiosity, you may even get others on board with trying something new.

9) Affordability

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers different tiers of service depending on your needs. This can help you save money if you’re unsure about what services are right for your company. You don’t have to pay until you exceed a certain number of servers or hard drive space, which means paying only for resources used. Other cloud providers charge by the hour and aren’t as flexible with pricing.

10) Rapid Deployment

Setting up a new server might take time, but with AWS, it can be done in minutes. You can use pre configured AMIs that are tuned for certain tasks, like a WordPress or Drupal server. Afterward, you’ll have an instant web server that can take thousands of hits every second. The servers come equipped with everything you need and don’t require any setup on your part; just turn them on and start working.


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