The 10 Highest Paying Cloud Computing Jobs

How much do you make per hour? If you’re like the average American, it’s around $22 per hour. What if your hourly rate could be $100 or more? That’s certainly possible in the cloud computing industry, which has been experiencing an influx of high paying jobs in recent years thanks to growing demand from businesses looking to find ways to streamline their operations and free up money from their bottom lines so they can reinvest it into growth strategies.

1) Infrastructure Architects

The highest paid cloud computing jobs, infrastructure architects are responsible for designing and overseeing cloud infrastructure (servers, storage and networks) installations. They work with companies large and small to design a cloud strategy that fits their needs, then oversee deployment of that strategy. Depending on where they work, infrastructure architects can make upwards of $300,000 or more.

2) DevOps Engineers

As cloud computing jobs become more prominent, so does demand for DevOps Engineers. In fact, according to a recent survey of hiring managers by Spiceworks, hiring an experienced DevOps Engineer is expected to increase by almost 30% in 2014 and another 20% in 2015.

3) Security Engineers

Cloud computing involves a lot of security risks and precautions, which means cloud computing job opportunities are in demand. As more companies look to outsource their services to cloud based environments, they’ll need engineers with an eye for detail who can secure these systems. While many details have yet to be ironed out, it’s clear that a qualified security engineer is a must in any company looking to use cloud computing effectively and safely.

4) Cloud Architects

This job often goes hand-in-hand with cloud computing jobs. Cloud architects are responsible for designing, building and maintaining complex cloud computing environments in which users can host applications of all sizes. They may work for tech companies that run a cloud computing platform or for enterprises that use their own private clouds. As a company grows and its needs change, cloud architects need to design new systems to accommodate these changes.

5) Performance Engineers

Performance engineers are responsible for monitoring cloud systems, in order to predict and prevent issues before they affect users. These individuals help monitor and optimize performance, scale systems efficiently, and make improvements based on data. Their work helps ensure reliability of service levels that are set by a cloud provider or client. The average salary for a performance engineer is $102,000 annually.

6) Project Managers

The cloud is becoming more ubiquitous by the day. The continued rise of smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices has forced many companies to adopt more agile IT practices. With those come a new set of challenges for project managers namely, figuring out how to effectively manage resources that aren’t tied down to a desk or office. To help you out with that (and boost your paycheck), we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite cloud computing jobs on offer now.

7) Application Developers

With cloud computing, you don’t have to worry about managing a cloud computing infrastructure. That frees up your development team to focus on what they do best: writing code. Cloud application developers tend to make between $100,000 and $200,000 per year depending on their experience and skillset. A master’s degree in computer science or information systems is commonly needed for this role.

8) Database Administrators

The top cloud computing job in terms of annual salary, it pays an average of $77,190 per year. If you’re a programmer looking to get into cloud computing, you can start by learning SQL and NoSQL databases (which are used by Amazon Web Services) and then look for job openings with companies like IBM. Salesforce also employs many database administrators who work on their platform. At last check there were over 19,000 open positions for database administrators on Indeed alone.

9) Data Scientists & Analysts

As cloud computing continues to grow, so does demand for data scientists and analysts. These professionals use their expertise in computer programming and analytics to find insights and meaning in data and there’s no shortage of that on cloud based servers! According to Payscale, you can expect to earn a median pay of $109,000 per year at your first job as a cloud computing professional. And by using tools like Python or R, you can make your resume stand out.

10) BI Professionals

With cloud computing being a critical element of many companies’ IT strategies, there is a need for business intelligence professionals who are highly skilled in leveraging big data. BI specialists analyze information such as financial performance, customer demographics and industry trends, and they use that information to help business leaders make decisions about their company’s future. In addition to creating data visualizations based on collected data, BI professionals also create dashboards for specific users within an organization.

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